The villains in the U.S. (where I was born and reside) have pulled off many in-your-face-obvious crimes to further their agenda of complete domination. Murderous proxy wars outside the borders of the crime syndicate to internal attacks such as the JFK murder, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, and the "big one" -- Sep 11.

"Americans'" reaction to Sep 11 and the inherent, obvious absurdities and impossibilities of the official story was exactly as you describe. It brought home to me in spades the "Feelings don't care about your facts" fact.

So. When the villains began talking about rolling out their latest crime, I knew 𝑒𝑥𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑙𝑦 how the mob under the fat part of the Bell curve would behave. And they did not disappoint.

Hubs and I made our moves (actual and figurative) to avoid the stampede. We endured more than just mean looks over our naked faces (Never wore a snot pouch; never will.). Did we subject ourselves to possible arrest for what we knew was right? Nah. What's the point with a disloyal mob as your friends, colleagues, and neighbors? Let's save ourselves, which we've done to the best of our ability.

Despite sounding utterly black-pilled, I still do hold out hope for a just outcome this time. The crime is too big, and it seems a good number in the mob are starting to get exactly what they brought upon themselves via those horrendous shots. When the mob turns -- and I believe it will -- look out. Too bad it has to come to this, but as history shows, for some reason it always has to.

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Pardon Dr. Gold



(Suspended) Dr. William Bay is continuing the good fight in the Brisbane Supreme Court next week.

Billy has been granted a full hearing of his case— Bay v AHPRA, the Medical Board of Australia, and the State of QLD.💪🇦🇺


The 3 current goals of the Queensland Peoples’ Protest are to: 1) Invalidate unconstitutional “National Laws” coming from Queensland. 2) Amend the Public Health Act 2005 to restore democracy and human rights in Queensland. 3) Ensure freedom of speech, informed consent and peaceful political protest is supported in QLD.

23 March 23

Bay V AHPRA & Qld Round 2

1. Does QLD have the right to legislate for Australia?

2. Does AHPRA have the power to pretend to be a Commonwealth agency?

3. Does this agency have the power to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship and suspend doctors for free speech and warning others about a dangerous injectable?

Can one unrepresented man with your support win?? 10am



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There were some rebels, still are. Collectively the damage they have done must be in the billions of USD by now to the machine, though it's still largely unscathed by that. Not fully sure about killing off the nice guy and consequently going full on red by tooth and claw, though they did do it first when they murdered the elderly alone and afraid or for generations of damaged children.

I appreciated and otherwise agreed with your article though.

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