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One thing is certain, while we are all equal as humans we are not all born equal as beings. Some people do have a greater capacity to manage themselves and discipline their actions. And we are generally born that way. Astrology could very well describe our natures but in this age it is mostly mocked and ignored. More's the pity as it is a valuable psychotherapeutic tool.

But, some people simply cannot help themselves while others can. The best we can do is, as the ancient Greeks advised is, Know Thyself, for, in the knowing we gain some insights and perhaps some influence over who we are and what we do. It is understanding the Why of the What, and every Why is different because every What is different because every human is different, that we might change.

We cannot save others, only ourselves and as any psychotherapist knows, no-one can be helped, supported or assisted unless they commit to that process. But, as compassionate human beings it is our task to continue to offer help, preferably in expectation of nothing, because nothing is often what we get.

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Interesting point. Is the reason I don’t want to be anything but a Sagittarius is because I can’t change. Or is it because as a Sagittarius I would not want to….because I can’t change the wanting. :).

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Interested and well articulated ideas - thanks. A great read.

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